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Call Day: MOBIUS and Ebook Resources for Your Next Step!

by Natalie Whitaker on 2021-04-26T08:00:00-05:00 | Comments

We know everyone is excitedly awaiting this Wednesday's Call Day, so, we wanted to give you some tips on how to search for, find, and request resources for the next step in your journey:

While our on campus collection at Hasse Memorial Library is centered around theological texts, there are libraries in the MOBIUS system who we can easily and swiftly request books from that are about your new home.

To search Mobius:

In the Bridges search page you will see in the far right corner on the green menu ribbon “Mobius” click on this link and you will be taken to the MOBIUS search page.

On the Catalog search bar you can keep it broad and search for where you are going:.

Which will result in the following:

You can also be more specific if you want to limit your results more by using the “Advanced Search” Option that is under the search bar on the MOBIUS home search page:

Here I have added “Travel” to the Keyword search and it has resulted in fewer results that are more specific:

And you can see on the left-hand side that there are some ways to limit the search further, or, if you have other search terms you can adjust your advanced search. For example: You can search for the subject of Maine (see the drop down lists in the advanced search option) and then add Boolean searches for AND "moving" OR "travel":


Which will then result in:


As you can see, MOBIUS advanced search provides a lot of different search combinations and options!  If you have any questions while using MOBIUS you can reach out through our chat option on our library pages: (chat box in the bottom right corner) or email Donna and/or Natalie


Using EBooks Search

You can get to the search options for our Ebooks collection through the Semnet library access  page:

This link will take you to the Ebooks home page with search options very similar to the MOBIUS Search:


You can then try out similar search techniques that you would with MOBIUS! For example, you can do a very broad subject search and just look for the state (you can also search for the city) you are moving to:



Like the MOBIUS search you can add terms to a Boolean search to get more specific results:


Finally, there is an advanced search option in our Ebooks selection that allows you to do Boolean searches and also provides other results options that may be helpful. I've highlighted the options in the following image that may be the most helpful for you:


On our library Ebooks pages you should see a chat box option to reach us with any questions while you are searching. And again, you can always email Donna and/or Natalie with any questions as well. 


Concordia Historical Institute may have some helpful resources for you (per CHI's announcement on 4/26): 

Check with Concordia Historical Institute to see what information we may have on your new congregation. To walk in with knowledge of the congregation’s past is to make a positive first impression! We would love to help you put your best foot forward! Please (due to Covid) give us a call at 314-505-7935 before you visit or email us at Thanks!

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