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Multiethnic Symposium Resources + Luther in the Stacks Hunt!

by Natalie Whitaker on 2021-05-03T08:00:00-05:00 | Comments

This week Concordia Seminary is hosting their annual Multiethnic Symposium online!  As an extra treat, we have hidden our Luther in the Stacks (think CHS!).  As you explore our shelves, if you find the Luther in the Stacks and bring him to Donna Church, she will have a reward for you!

We have many helpful resources related to our Multiethnic Symposium this week that we want to share with you:

Our Digital Services Coordinator, Wayne Seitz, keeps CSLScholar updated with presentation recordings of the Multiethnic Symposium sessions. So you can review previous symposiums as far back as 2008! And soon after this year's symposium you will be able to catch anything you've missed. Keep this link handy for Wayne's updates after this year's symposium or to review previous years: 


The Multiethnic Symposium theme this year is “The Rest and the West: What the West can learn from Global South Christianity”

From the Symposium’s webpage:

The 2021 Multiethnic Symposium will address what the Global South can contribute to our thinking about practices such as preaching and teaching, worship and the arts, and evangelism and social engagement.

Factors like unprecedented global migration and increasing birth rates have made the documented growth of Global South Christianity not only a distant reality there but also a present-day reality in the United States. What can the church in the modern West, preoccupied with the rise of cultural realities such as secularism and nihilism, learn from the church in the Global South?”

To help our community with working through this question we explored our collection to find resources that can help.

You are all probably aware of Concordia’s Center for Hispanic Studies (CHS)? We have a LibGuide for the CHS that you can find here: .  You can also search just in the CHS collections by going to the advanced search option and selecting CHS location options as the following image shows:












This is an excellent resource where you can find such useful books as:

Cover ArtHispanic Ministry in the 21st Century by Hosffman Ospino
Call Number: BV4468.2.H57 H57 2010
ISBN: 1934996165
Publication Date: 2010-10-06

Cover ArtNuestra Fe by Ondina E. González; Justo L. González

 A Latin American church history sourcebook

Call Number: BR600 .G669 2014
ISBN: 9781426774263
Publication Date: 2014-07-15
Additionally from the CHS: Wayne has included the recordings of the CHS Annual Lecture in Spanish on CSL Scholar that might be helpful! Check out the various presentations at the link here. 


Just like our CSL Scholar resources are accessible online from anywhere, we also have e-books that you might find helpful:






Click Here for link to this E-Book! 






Click here for link to this E-Book!


Finally, here are some articles from our periodicals that relate to the multiethnic ministry and culture:

In Tempo: A Practical Resource for Lutheran Church Musicians, 2021, No. 1

“Culture, Race, and Worship Music” by Omaldo Perez, pp. 1-5

Asks and responds to such practical questions as: How should one approach or introduce worship music from other cultures? When does worship music become cultural appropriation? What crosses the line either appropriation or inappropriate use of others’ music?


Journal of Latin American Theology, 02,2020

Summary of Volume’s Contents:

 This issue of the Journal of Latin American Theology addresses several themes: we continue our up-to-date analysis of Christianity in each country in Latin America; we examine how a Christian community in Central America is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we celebrate the life and ministry of Juan Stam, a giant of a man and influential member of the FTL who passed in to the presence of the Lord on October 16, 2020. Leopoldo Cervantes-Ortiz reviews Stam’s more than seven decades of teaching, writing, and mentorship while Stam’s daughter and editor Rebeca Stam offers a more intimate look at his later life. Luis Carlos Marrero Chasbar helps us understand the complex interplay of the varieties of Christianity in Cuba, then David Lopez discusses how religious persecution has shaped Protestant involvement in the current political arena in Colobia. Tomas Gutierrez describes the evangelical church in Peru with an eye toward the impact of the coronavirus in the country, and Heidi Michelson and the sisters and brothers of Casa Adobe in Costa Rica share how they walk with God and serve their neighbors in the midst of the pandemic. This volume closes with two samples of theopoetry that reflect on different aspects of the Christian faith in quarantine and a book review of David Kirkpatrick’s A Gospel for the Poor.


"Analyzing the Immigrant Churches in North America through the Lens of 1 John 4:1-21” by Wondimu L. Sonessa in Word and World: Theology for Christian Ministry, Winter 2021. Pp.77-86.

“The commandments to “love one another” and to form the Christian community on God’s love are clearly seen in 1 John. Yet these are statements that are easier to say than to realize, and many communities fall short. New immigrant communities in the United States are often torn by internal struggles over issues from home and by the traumas of trying to adapt to a bewilderingly new religious situation in this country.

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