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New Library!

With our newly remodeled space, we have had a variety of questions about the library functions that we would like to answer.

Dictionary Stands

We don't seem to have any dictionary stands in the new library.  Where did the books go? 

The books that were on the stands have been incorporated into the reference collection.  These are still library use only but cataloged by call number.

Can I take closed reserves off the shelves myself?

Yes, we have moved the closed reserves from behind the circulation desk to the wall across from the desk.  This means that you can retrieve you own books.  However, we do ask that you please check them out with our staff to facilitate our tracking of each title.

Where is the book drop in the desk?

There is no book drop in our new desk.  Instead, please feel free to

  • use our drop box just outside the fountain side doors
  • hand your items to our friendly staff
  • leave items on the top of the desk for us

What is compact shelving?

The compact shelving in the basement allows us to store more materials in each space.  To use the shelving,

  1. identify they row that you has your call number range (signage to identify the rows is coming)
  2. Make sure all of the buttons are set to green
  3. Use the large cranks on the handles to roll open your area.
  4. If you are concerned with being in the range for a few minutes, you can lock each range by clicking on the outer center until the green turns to red.
  5. You will find that you can move about 3-4 rows comfortably, and a couple more rows by using to levers.

Our staff is more than happy to provide you with a demonstration.

I don't see any orange shelves. Should we reshelve our own books?

Instead of orange shelves, we have added book carts to all floors and areas for you place items when you finish with them.  Some of the carts of larger with flat shelves to accommodate heavier materials while others are smaller with slanted shelves.  You can recognize the re-shelving book carts by their vibrant red hue.

Are copies free now?

The new copy/print machines no longer have a coin box.  All copies are still 10 cents a page for black and white.  When you have finished your copying/printing tasks, you can pay at the circulation desk.